Vladimir Lamfadel

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"Residential house - it is an opportunity to move freely ... relax, immersed in thought, the ability to feel or to cause the presence of environment: sun - master of all life, the movement of air jets or bringing composure spectacle herbs, flowers, trees, sky, space '/ Le Corbusier /

Interior design: apartments, villas, shops, offices and restaurants.
Full range of services - from concept to implementation of decisions:

- Development of unique architectural and artistic compositions.
- The lighting design and lighting calculations.
- A realistic computer graphics.
- A complete set of drawings for production work.
- Finishing materials, furniture, light, art.
- Decoration and accessories artwork.
- Quality control.
- Finishing the work of any complexity.
- Planning and allocation of the budget of the project.

In order to ready projects were realized i collaborate with experts in the field of high-end construction and finishing works.

Social capital

  • less than 10